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welcome to catering Breakfast

There’s nothing like a freshly-prepared Cocobellas breakfast to start your day!  You can wake up to our delicious selection of chilled juices, gourmet coffee, fresh-baked pastries and fluffy homemade eggs!  Our breakfast catering comes hot and ready to serve with everything you need from warming units to tableware, and our professional catering staff can take care of all the on-site details, from set-up and service to clean-up and garbage removal.

Catering is still deliciously affordable at Cocobellas.  Our minimum order for breakfast menus is 20 guests, and orders must be placed in increments of 5 persons.

  Continental Package $7.99 pp
  Breakfast croissants, mini danish, assorted muffins and butter, assorted juices, and tableware.

  Sunrise Package $8.99 pp
  Cheese omelettes, sausage or bacon, cheesy hash brown potatoes, and tableware.

  Cocobellas' Rise N' Shine Package $10.99 pp
  Fluffy scrambled eggs, golden brown sausage & bacon, cheesy hash brown potatoes, toast with butter & jam, assorted juices, and tableware.

  Great Start Breakfast Package $9.99 pp
  Buttermilk pancakes with syrup and butter, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sausage or ham, assorted mini danish, and tableware.

  Deep Dish French Toast Package $10.99 pp
  Deep dish French toast with vanilla glaze, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon or sausage, fresh fruit salad, and tableware.
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Luncheon

Our box lunch or buffet services will make a hit at your next luncheon or corporate event.

  Box Lunches, Wraps & Salads  
  Simple, tasty and oh-so convenient, our box lunch includes tableware and your choice of a pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw or potato chips.  Add a soft drink (add $1.50) or dessert (add $1.00) to any box lunch as desired.  Our minimum order for box lunches is 15 persons.

  Chicken Caesar Salad Box Lunch $9.99 pp
  Grilled chicken strips on a bed of romaine with parmesan cheese, croutons and dressing.  Includes tableware, dinner roll, butter and fresh fruit cup.

  Turkey Wrap $8.99 pp
  Smoked turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and provolone in a sun dried tomato wrap.

  Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.99 pp
  Grilled chicken, fresh chopped romaine lettuce, grated parmesan and caesar dressing wrapped in a green spinach tortilla.

  Beef & Cheddar Wrap $8.99 pp
  Cocobellas’ own roast beef with aged cheddar and horse radish sauce in a flat bread wrap.

  Chicken Salad Sandwich $8.99 pp
  Fresh chicken salad with mayonnaise and celery.  Includes lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread.

  Tuna Salad Sandwich $8.99 pp
  All white meat albacore tuna salad, lettuce, tomato on whole wheat bread.

  Chicken Pesto Sandwich $8.99 pp
  Marinated chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and pesto mayonnaise on fresh French bread.

  Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich $8.49 pp
  Sliced plum tomatoes, lettuce, fresh mozzarella and basil are drizzled with virgin olive oil and seasonings.  Served on Italian bread.

  Garden Veggie Sandwich $8.49 pp
  Shredded lettuce, green pepper, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, black olives, and provolone cheese on French bread.  Light Italian dressing on the side.

Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Entrees
catering service Fresh Soups
catering service You can now experience a variety of delicious Cocobellas’ own fresh soups prepared using healthy and wholesome ingredients.  Our soups are served with a bread roll and seasonal fruit, and are a great way to wrap up your lunch and to ensure that you’ve had a  hearty combination of fruit and vegetables.
catering service
Soups $4.99 - $5.99
catering service Butternut Squash
catering service Broccoli and Cheese
catering service Beef and Vegetables
catering service Meat, Chicken, or Vegetable Chili
catering service Cream of Tomato and Basil

catering service Hot Entrees
catering service
Chicken Diane $12.99
Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli, ham and cheeses, covered with a light pineapple glaze.
catering service
Chicken Marsala $13.99
A lightly-floured boneless skinless chicken breast, sautéed in a sweet Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms and capers.
catering service
Chicken Piccata $12.99
Lightly-breaded then sautéed with capers, lemon, anchovy, and white wine sauce.
catering service
Chicken breast in creamy mushroom sauce $12.99
catering service
Herb Crusted Chicken $12.99
Boneless chicken dusted with garden herbs accompanied by caramelized onion and a sweet sherry sauce.
catering service
Sweet & Spicy Chicken $11.99
Slow-roasted chicken served with Cocobellas-own sweet and spicy
catering service
Hand-Carved Roasted Turkey Dinner $15.99
Golden-roasted turkey served with homemade dressing, and cranberry sauce.
catering service
Ham and Asparagus in Hollandaise Sauce $13.99
catering service
Butterfly Pork Chops in Mushroom Sauce $14.99
catering service
New Zealand Baby Lamb Chops $21.99
Tender seasoned lamb chops broiled to perfection and served with a rosemary mint sauce.
catering service
Cocobellas’ Own Meatloaf $10.99
catering service
Roast Tenderloin of Beef $22.99
Oven roasted center-cut tenderloin featuring our brandied mushroom and peppercorn mélange and sauce béarnaise.
catering service
Roast Prime Rib of Beef $22.99
Seasoned and slow-roasted prime rib with peppercorn infused au jus.
catering service
Grilled North Atlantic Salmon $19.99
Fresh-cut salmon filet brushed and grilled with a glazed sauce and served with dill hollandaise.
catering service
Chilean Sea Bass with Miso Mustard Sauce $29.99
Fresh Chilean sea bass accented with traditional herbs.
catering service All of our hot entrees are served with bread roll, and your choice of potato or rice and vegetable selection.

Potato choices include:
Choice of one

Garlic Mashed Potatoes,
Butter-Parsley Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy.

Rice choices include:
Choice of one

Wild Rice, Rice Pilaf, or Spanish Rice.

Vegetable choices include:
Choice of one

Green Beans Almandine, Butter Corn, Broccoli and Cauliflower Medley or Orange-Glazed Carrots.

catering service Pasta
catering service

At Cocobellas, our classic Italian pasta selections showcase a unique
culinary tradition with an emphasis on freshness and the superior quality of our ingredients.

catering service
Chicken Parmigiano $13.99
A boneless skinless chicken breast lightly-breaded in panko crumbs, pan-seared and topped with parmesan and melted mozzarella cheese, served on a bed of marinara sauce.
catering service
Fettuccine Alfredo $11.99
Fettuccine pasta topped with a traditional Italian cream sauce, parmesan cheese and spices.
catering service
Fettucine Carbonara $11.99
Fettucine pasta in a cream sauce with smoked bacon.
catering service
Penne Primavera $11.99
Penne prepared in a rich tomato sauce complimented with fresh vegetables.
catering service
Penne alla Vodka $11.99
Penne prepared in a home-style tomato basil sauce with a vodka cream sauce complimented with fresh scallions-bacon morsels.
catering service
Penne Italian Sausage $12.99
Penne with spicy Italian sausage in a marinara sauce.
catering service
Penne Meatballs $12.99
Penne with Italian meatballs in a marinara sauce.
catering service
Ravioli Romano $13.99
Pasta pillows filled with ricotta cheese and topped with a light tomato basil cream sauce with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms.
catering service
Tortellini Carbonara $13.99
Small pastas filled with cheese in an Alfredo sauce with prosciutto ham, mushrooms and peas.
catering service
Cannelloni $12.99
Freshly-made pasta stuffed with meat baked in our home-style tomato basil sauce.
catering service
Meat Lasagna $13.99
Lots of fresh beef, ground sausage and our Cocobellas-own sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.
catering service
Lasagna Florentine $12.99
Our own special blend of ricotta cheese and spinach topped with mozzarella cheese.
catering service

All of our pasta entrees are served with a salad and bread roll.

catering service Stir-Fry Selections
catering service

Stir-fried cuisine is known for its distinctive flavour, its wide range of ingredients, and its signature cooking technique which retains much of the nutrients throughout the cooking process.

catering service
Lotus Stir-Fry $10.99
Fresh vegetables including shitake mushrooms, baby corn, and snow peas, stir-fried with Asian noodles in a ginger scallion sauce.
catering service
Shrimp and Scallop Stir-Fry $14.99
Shrimp and scallops stir-fried in Cocobellas-own brown sauce with fresh vegetables, including snow peas and red peppers.
catering service
Chicken StirFry $12.99
This delicious easy stir-fry is loaded with tender chicken and crunchy vegetables smothered in a tangy stir-fry sauce.
catering service
Beef Stir-Fry $12.99
Fresh broccoli, celery, yellow squash, red and green peppers, and snow peas stir-fried in a savoury black bean sauce.
catering service
Spicy Chicken and Shrimp Stir-Fry $13.99
Broccoli, string beans, and asparagus quick stir-fried in a spicy stir-fry
catering service

All of our stir-fry entrees are served on choice of rice or noodles.

catering service Quiche Selections
catering service

Cocobellas’ quiche is a favourite entrée and a traditional brunch dish.  Our flavourful custard, baked in an open pastry shell and filled with savoury additions like bacon or cheese is a classic dish of French cuisine.

catering service
Quiche Lorraine $9.99
Bacon with swiss cheese, eggs and cream in a flaky pie crust.
catering service
Broccoli and Cheese $9.99
Broccoli and cheddar cheese, eggs and cream in a flaky pie crust.
catering service
Asparagus and Cheese $10.25
Asparagus and swiss cheese, eggs and cream in a flaky pie crust.
catering service
Maple-Glazed Bacon, Tomato and Cheddar
Maple-glazed bacon, tomato, cheddar cheese, eggs and cream in a flaky crust.
catering service

All of our quiche entrees are served with your choice of Garden or Caesar salad.

Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Buffets

Maybe you've heard about Cocobellas’ food and catering services from an office party, or perhaps you discovered us at your neighbour’s holiday celebration?  Regardless of the event, we can assure you that Cocobellas served up a feast of delicious meal combinations for every palate.

Our buffet selections include the provision of disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons, and our prices are based on 30 or more guests plus applicable taxes. When ordering, please place your order in increments of 10.

  Famous Main Buffet  
  Any choice from our Famous Main Buffet will include fresh bread, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons.  All buffet prices are based on 30 or more guests, plus applicable taxes.

  Entrees (Select Two)  
  Coconut curry chicken
  Herb roasted chicken
  Chicken breast marsala (add $1.25 pp)
  Sliced turkey breast and gravy (add $1.10 pp)
  Roast beef au jus
  Roast pork loin with gravy (add $0.50 pp)
  Glazed ham with pineapple (add $0.40 pp)
  Baked sausage, peppers & potatoes
  Rigatoni in vodka sauce
  Baked pasta alfredo
  Lasagna with a hearty meat sauce
  Vegetable lasagna in tomato creme sauce
  Fettucini with broccoli & garlic oil (with shrimp add $1.00 pp)

  Accompaniments (Select One of the following Packages to accompany your Entrees)
  Chilled Salad Package - (You will receive two of the following items)
  Cocobellas' potato salad Honey cole slaw
  Cocobellas' pasta salad  
  Hot Vegetable Package - (Choice of Two of the following items)
  Green beans almandine
  California-blend vegetables
  Buttery corn niblets
  Glazed carrot coins
  Baked broccoli with seasoned bread crumbs
  Rice pilaf
  Potato: Oven-browned, cheddar au gratin, mashed with gravy, parslied or scalloped.
  Buffet with chilled/hot salad package:
Two entrees $19.99 pp
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Barbecue and Picnic
  Let Cocobellas serve-up a hot, smoky barbecue for you and your guests.  Our barbecue/picnic packages include fresh rolls or buns, assorted condiments, disposable tableware, serviettes, and assorted beverages.

  Cocobellas’ Summer Sizzler $6.95 pp
  All-beef hot dogs, all-beef hamburgers, veggie burgers, Cocobellas' potato salad, honey cole slaw, fresh buns.

  Great Grill Out $10.99 pp
  Char-grilled boneless chicken breast, all-beef hamburgers, veggie burgers, Cocobellas' potato salad, honey cole slaw, fresh buns, chilled sliced watermelon.

  Beachcomber $13.99 pp
  King Kameah pork with Big Island BBQ sauce, Teriyaki chicken kabobs, all-beef hot dogs, mixed greens with grilled pineapple and honey lime vinaigrette, candied-nut cole slaw, condiments, fresh buns.

  Designed for drop-off delivery, Cocobellas’ picnics are an incredibly economical way to serve large groups in the great outdoors.  All of our picnic packages include condiments, fresh rolls or buns, tableware and any necessary warming units.  All picnic prices are based on 30 or more guests (plus applicable taxes and delivery charge).  When ordering, please place your orders in increments of 10 guests.
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Vegetarian
  Pasta fanatics and vegetarians will find plenty to enjoy from our varied catering options.  Remember, you’ll also find these dishes offered in many of our other buffet choices.  Each tray serves 20-25 guests.

catering services Mississauga Pastas  
catering services Mississauga Rigatoni in Vodka Sauce $60.00
  Rigatoni noodles smothered in a tomato cream sauce with a hint of vodka.

catering services Mississauga Macaroni & Cheese $39.99
  Elbow pasta blended in a rich and creamy cheese sauce with just the right touch of seasonings.

catering services Mississauga Vegetable Paella $59.99
  Seasoned rice with zucchini, yellow squash, peas, peppers, onions and tomatoes.

catering services Mississauga Fettuccini with Broccoli & Garlic Oil $39.99
  Fettuccini tossed with broccoli, garlic and olive oil.

catering services Mississauga Spaghetti $39.99
  Spaghetti with a hearty marinara sauce is a traditional favourite.

catering services Mississauga Salads
  California Coastal Salad
  Fresh strawberries, candied-almonds, mandarin oranges and poppy seed dressing atop a crisp lettuce bed.  (Includes Tableware)
  Serves 15-20 $44.99
  Serves 25-30 $59.99

  Greek Salad
  Cucumber, Feta cheese, Greek olives, tomatoes and red onions on a bed of mixed greens, served with Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. (Includes Tableware)
  Serves 15-20 $41.99
  Serves 25-30 $51.99
  (Grilled Chicken add $12.00)

  Caesar Salad
  Zesty caesar salad made with fresh romaine, asiago cheese, croutons and Cocobellas’-own creamy caesar dressing. (Includes Tableware)
  Serves 15-20 $45.00
  Serves 25-30 $59.99
  (Grilled Chicken add $2.99 pp)

  BBQ Ranch Salad
  Grilled chicken, chopped tomato, corn niblets, black beans, cucumber, fried onion strings on a lettuce Bed with BBQ Ranch dressing. (Includes Tableware)
  Serves 15-20 $41.99
  Serves 25-30 $52.99
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Appetizers
  Italian Quesadilla
  Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella and sautéed peppers on flat bread with a baked parmesan crust.
  Serves 15-20 $42.99
  Serves 25-30 $60.99

  Chicken Quesadilla
  Authentic quesadillas with roasted chicken, bell peppers, south-western seasonings, and cheddar cheese served with salsa and sour cream.
  40 pieces $59.99

  Buffalo or Honey BBQ Wings
  Chicken wings in our special hot sauce are served with ranch dressing. Also available in Honey BBQ with our thick and sweet sauce. (Combination platters are available)
  Tray of 20 $39.99
  Tray of 30 $49.99
  Tray of 50 $85.99

  We toss plum tomatoes with virgin olive oil, fresh basil and red onions served with toasted garlic bread.
  Serves 25-30 $35.99

  Capress Kebobs
  Fresh mozzarella, basil and vine-ripened grape tomatoes on a kabob served with homemade balsamic vinaigrette on the side.
  25 pieces $38.99

  Swedish or Hawaiian Meatballs
  Cocobellas’ classic Swedish-style meatballs marinated in a delicious mushroom wine sauce. Or, you can try our Hawaiian meatballs with Cocobellas’ secret sweet and sour sauce.
  Serves 15-20 $29.95
  Serves 25-30 $33.95

  BBQ Rib Tips
  Succulent rib tips, slathered with Cocobellas' BBQ sauce and cut into tender bite-sized pieces.
  40 pieces $59.99

  Mini Pulled Pork Sliders
  Cocobellas’ BBQ pork is slow roasted and simmered in our special sauce until fork tender.
  20 sliders $42.99

  Fancy Finger Sandwiches
  Attractively garnished petite handcrafted sandwiches of chicken salad, ham salad and garden vegetable cream cheese.
  96 sandwiches $74.99
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Platters
  Fresh Vegetable Platter
  A selection of fresh baby carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, grape tomatoes, green onions, broccoli florets and radish roses surrounding a bread basket filled with ranch dip.
  Serves 20-25 $42.99
  Serves 30-35 $54.99

  Assorted Garden Relish Tray
  Fresh-cut vegetables including celery sticks, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, black olives, green olives, and dill pickles.
  Serves 20-25 $44.99

  Assorted Cheese Tray
  A fine selection of aged Swiss and Monterey Jack garnished with fresh grapes. (Selections may vary)
  Serves 20-25 $59.99
  Serves 30-35 $74.99

  Fruit & Cheese Tray
  Bite-sized cubes of cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss complimented by a seasonal selection of our freshest fruit.
  Serves 20-25 $49.99
  Serves 30-35 $65.99

  Meat Lasagna or Vegetarian Lasagna Tray
  Our delicious meat or vegetarian lasagna prepared in the traditional manner is always a crowd pleaser.
  Serves 15-20 $59.99
  Serves 25-30 $79.99

  Smoked Salmon Tray
  Caper-red onion crust, dill cream cheese and smoked salmon with toasted mini bagels.
  Serves 10-20 $69.99
  Serves 20-30 $89.99

  Chilled Shrimp Tray
  Large tail-on shrimp are piled high and artfully decorated with fresh lemon and greens. (Includes a tangy cocktail sauce)
  80 pieces $114.99
Mississauga catering

welcome to catering Desserts
  Our tempting desserts make for a wonderful treat at the end of a catering service or even in the middle of the day.  They are made with exceptional, quality ingredients and care to create a lasting, tasteful impression.

  Mini Cheese Cakes
  28 pieces $49.99

  Strawberry Short Cake
  A classic favourite, layers of fresh strawberries, whip cream and pound cake.
  Serves 20-25 $29.99

  Cheesecake Lovers
  We take a vanilla cheese cake dipping spread and surround it with strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, pretzels and gram crackers.
  Serves 20-25 $35.99

  Summer Fresh Fruit Kebobs
  Delicious fresh summer fruit arranged on skewers make a perfect dessert. Comes with a sweet, whipped cream dipping sauce.
  25 Kebobs $35.99

  Heart-Healthy Cookies & Brownies
  An assortment of low-fat and sugar-free cookies and brownies. Includes rocky road brownies, lemon squares, caramel brownies, chocolate covered macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon cookies.
  30 pieces $49.99

  Assorted Brownie Tray
  Includes pecan fudge brownies with chocolate icing and blonde brownies with chocolate chips atop a coconut crust.
(triple chocolate chunk, haystack brownie, tiger brownie, deep dutch)
  48 pieces $35.99

  Fudge Brownie Tray
  Big rich fudge brownies topped with pecans.
  48 pieces $35.99

  Simply Sweet Tray
  Yummy pecan-fudge brownies and an assortment of large home-baked cookies, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and macadamia.
  60 pieces $45.99

  Cry-Baby Cookies
  Cookies so good you’ll cry when they’re gone! Assortment includes: toffee, chocolate chip, white chocolate with macadamia nuts, and honey raisin.
  40 cookies $37.99

  Fresh-Cut Fruit Salad
  Fresh-cut oranges, pineapple, assorted melons and grapes arranged as bite-sized selections.
  Serves 10-15 $24.99
  Serves 20-25 $34.99

  Fresh Fruit Tray
  Beautifully-arranged fresh fruit, including Hawaiian pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and watermelon. (Selections may vary)
  Serves 20-25 $41.99
  Serves 30-40 $61.99

  Watermelon Basket
  Available seasonally, a beautifully-sculpted melon is filled with honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, grapes and more. (Seasonally-available).
  Serves 30-40 $39.99

  Cranberry Bread Pudding (Available Holiday Season Only)
  Warm bread pudding filled with cranberries, topped with spiced nuts and drizzled with a caramel sauce. (Seasonally-available).
  Serves 10-15 $29.99

  Holiday Dessert Tray (Available Holiday Season Only)
  Our festive tray includes peppermint fudge brownies, sweet cranberry orange and pumpkin spice bars.
  24 pieces $29.99

  If you haven’t seen your favourite dessert on our menu, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our catering coodinators to help you, or click here to send us an enquiry.
Cocobellas Catering in Mississauga
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